Velcro And Other Pressure Sensitive Industrial Tapes

SpecTape of Wisconsin

offers a wide variety of Hook & Loop, Double Sided Tape, Foam Tape & Foil Tape

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Double Sided Tape

A variety of carriers or substrates and adhesive types are available to fulfill your double sided tape needs. With adhesive on both sides, you are able to apply the tape to affix one surface to another. Among its many uses, double sided tape is great for mounting, laminating foams for weather stripping, and for holding carpet, flooring, signs, or components in place either permanently or temporarily. The nature of your application will determine both the material and adhesive you will need. Our services provide you with product customization including die cutting, spooling, slitting and adhesive coating to meet your specific application requirements.

Foam Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you a wide variety of foam tapes which can be single coated or double coated for weather stripping, mounting or affixing two surfaces together. You can use foam tape in numerous applications including cushioning, shock absorption, gaskets, sound insulation, and so much more. The requirements of your application will determine the type of foam you will need, which could be polyethylene, urethane, neoprene, PVC, vinyl nitrile or super strong acrylic. Acrylic foam is a high bonding tape that functions to replace riveting applications. It is used in the construction and remodeling industries for paneling, wall board, mirrors. It is also used in many applications in the automotive and medical industries. Color options depend on the type of foam. Our services offer you custom die cutting, spooling and adhesive coating.

Foil Tape

Standard and reinforced foil tape is available in aluminum, copper and lead. The nature of your particular application determines the foil tape you will require. From general applications to maximum strength, aluminum foil tape can resist extreme fluctuations in temperature, adhere well to irregular surfaces, create vapor barriers and waterproof seals, create sound insulation, and effectively reflect and dissipate heat. It is used often for HVAC, paint stripping, electroplating, shielding, automotive, and a variety of metal applications. Copper foil tape is electrically conductive and used in electronic applications. Lead foil tape is electrically and thermally conductive and can be used as an electromagnetic and radio frequency shield. It can be used indoors or out and is also good for plating, electroplating, anodizing and paint stripping. Our services allow you to customize the foil tape to meet your requirements, including custom die cutting, widths, and printing.

Hook & Loop

comparable to Velcro

Commonly referred to as velcro, SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you standard and custom hook and loop products. Useful in a variety of applications, including automotive, sign, display companies and other industrial, the back surface of the self-gripping fastener is available with or without adhesive for affixing to a variety of surfaces. A number of services are available including custom width rolls, adhesive coating and die cutting.