SpecTape of Wisconsin

offers a wide variety of Electrical Tape, Kapton Tape, Film Tape & Vinyl Tape

Our converting operation is in Erlanger, KY

Electrical Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you multiple grades of electrical tape from standard to professional contractor grade. It is available in black and a variety of other OSHA colors.

Kapton Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you DuPont’s Kapton tape typically used in high temperature and electrical applications by the aerospace and electronics industries. A polyimide film with heat resistant silicone adhesive, it can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F.

Film Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you standard and custom pressure sensitive film tape designed for a variety of applications. Polyethylene film is used as industrial, commercial and retail carton sealing tape and packaging tape. It is UV resistant making is good for outdoor stucco masking and abrasion protection. It is also used in plastic sheeting to protect warehouse equipment, machinery, construction materials and skids from dust, dirt and moisture. BOPP film tape is available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and tensile strengths. High density, corrosion and UV resistant and glossy, it used in a variety of applications including splicing, color coding, sealing, strapping, bundling, PVC-aisle marking, caution and hazard identification, and in electrical applications. Cellophane tape is used for packaging and mending applications. Ideal for hard to stick surfaces and used where biodegradable tape is needed. Polyester film is appropriate for high temperature splicing, coding, heavy duty carton sealing (to government specs) and a variety of medical, industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications. Polyester backing can be as thin as 1.0 mil with extremely high dimensional strength properties. Because it can withstand high temperatures and can remove cleanly without residue, polyester film tape is also effectively used in the metal painting process as cover up tape to control paint application. Our services provide you with a number of customization options.

Vinyl Tape

UL certified, SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you durable, weather resistant vinyl tape in a variety of colors. Our PVC backed vinyl tape is resistant to cold, heat, dryness, cracking, moisture, solvents, acids and alkalis, offering you a versatile product with multiple applications including electrical, abrasion protection, and masking for electroplating, anodizing and splicing. Additional uses for vinyl tape include lane and safety marking, color coding, caution tape for construction, aisle marking, and security tape for packaging. Our services provide you with a number of customization options.

Anti-Stick Tape

Fabricated from production grade UHMW or Teflon, anti-stick tape has a smooth topcoat that offers you a resistance free surface to ensure no bottlenecking occurs on your production line. Teflon tapes are often found in demanding applications where there are high temperatures. Our services provide you with customization options to make the product production ready.

Anti-Slip Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you high traction anti-slip tape that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our high performance waterproof grip tape works well on slippery surfaces such as stairs, manufacturing floors, showers, pool areas, boats and boat docks, sports and recreational equipment, hallways and walkways.