SpecTape of Wisconsin

offers additional services

Such as Custom Printing, Bar Coding, Precision Die Cutting, Slitting and Rewinding, Spooling, Adhesive Coating, Laminating & Application Engineering

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you a number of helpful services to ensure we deliver the exact product you need for your application. With less material waste and production-ready shapes, lengths and widths, you can speed up your production time and save money in the process. Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure the processes and lot numbers for each product is traceable. As your single source provider, we are willing to stock product, fulfill blanket orders, fulfill Rush Orders and offer you JIT delivery. With hundreds of items in-stock we offer you high product availability.

Our converting operation is in Erlanger, KY

Custom Printing

Many of our products allow for custom printing with your company name or message. These include paper tape, foil tape, flatback tape, carton sealing tape, and more.

Bar Coding

Bar coding services offered by SpecTape of Wisconsin meet compliance specifications.

Precision Die Cutting

In most cases custom die cutting is available on both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive materials to meet the exacting requirements of your application. Tight tolerance includes pieces, pads, rolls or sheets.

Precision die cutting applications include:

• Rotary die Cutting

• Flatbed die cutting

• Sheeting

• Square or butt/cut in roll form or cut pieces

Precision die cutting applications include medical device components, drug delivery components, electronics and computer components, diagnostics and laboratory components, automotive and transportation components, industrial and manufacturing, packaging components and merchandising accessories.

Slitting and Rewinding

If you are seeking custom lengths and widths for your pressure sensitive tape, SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you rewinding and slitting processes to help you meet your requirements. The slitting process used depends upon the materials, tolerances, edge quality, length and width requirements. Slit materials can also be perforated, sheeted, and precision die cut to fulfill your specific application. We are able to convert materials such as papers, foils, laminates, pressure sensitive, foams, exposed adhesives, non-wovens, elastomers, filter media, and most films, from widths of 1/64” to 60” with tight tolerances as low as ± 0.005”.


This process allows you to reduce your production downtime by using a single reel of material.

Adhesive Coating

There are many benefits to adhesive coating. Customized to your application, adhesive coating gives you the optimal holding strength required whether you need temporary hold or super strength. You can select full web coating or, to save you even more money, custom patterns that are in-line with your die cutting and slitting requirements. Finger lift tabs help you to reduce production time by allowing for easy removal even with gloves. Many materials can be adhesive coated including labels, rubber, paper, polyester, foil, polypropylene, foam, vinyl, hook & loop (velcro), fabric, wovens, non-wovens, plastics and specialty materials.


Single and multi-layer laminating is available for most materials up to 60 inches wide, including those difficult to adhere. Patterned or zoned laminations may also be an option for you.

Application Engineering

Working with your team of professionals, we will evaluate the exacting requirements of your particular application and recommend the specific product and processes you need to save money, increase production output, improve production time, and reduce production downtime. With over thirty-five years experience in the industry, SpecTape of Wisconsin will ensure you get exactly what you need.