SpecTape of Wisconsin

offers a wide variety of Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Packaging Tape, Strapping Tape, Filament Tape

Our converting operation is in Erlanger, KY

Duct Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you a wide variety of standard and colored duct tape from general purpose utility grade to high performance contractor and nuclear grades. The specific requirements of your application will determine the duct tape best suited to your purposes. Utility grade is a multi-purposed product that has good adhesion and resists water and oil. You can use it for packaging, bundling, holding, splicing, tabbing and banding. Gaffers tape is more flexible and is often used by film and live event crews to secure wires, cables and props. Contractor Grade duct tape is waterproof, polyethylene -coated cloth tape with a high tensile strength, good for more demanding jobs. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, nuclear grade duct tape offers a temporary or permanent application with little or no adhesive residue. Blocking sunlight and ultra-violet rays, the backing will not deteriorate or delaminate. Our services allow you to customize the duct tape to meet your requirements, including custom die cutting and wide widths.

Masking Tape

From general purpose utility grade to high performance contractor and high temperature grade, SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you a wide selection of standard and colored masking tape. Your application will determine your specific masking tape requirements. Printable masking tape is designed for quick product or location identification along with theft prevention. General Purpose/Utility Grade masking tapes are good for binding, bundling, general purpose packaging, splicing, holding, labeling, color coding, and identification. Bandolering and sequencing tape is specifically designed for axial lead electronic components but has many general industrial applications due to its smooth, pliable properties. High temperature / high performance masking tape is suitable for most paint masking where aggressive holding is required at room and high temperatures. It was specifically designed for automotive, truck and van applications. Clean removal masking tape is ultra-violet and sunlight resistant with medium adhesion to allow for the clean removal from painted walls, trim, woodwork, glass and metal. Our services provide you with custom printing on a variety of substrates and colors.

Carton Sealing & Packaging Tape

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you a wide variety of standard and customized carton sealing and packaging tape effective under different environmental conditions such as circulating dust and dirt and extreme temperatures. Carton sealing tape is typically a BOPP (Biaxally oriented polypropylene) film used to seal corrugated cardboard boxes and to protect their edges and corners from being compromised. There are many grades and varieties of carton sealing tape, offering different adhesives, colors, customization and materials such as paper and BOPP film. Polyester tape is a stronger film tape that used for heavy duty carton sealing applications. Your particular application determines the carton sealing tape that is best for you. Application is either by hand with a hand-held dispenser or by machine. Water activated paper tape is a high grade paper non-reinforced or reinforced with fiberglass yarns for added strength that will bond to corrugate under demanding conditions. Meeting needs from lightweight to heavy duty, also meets US postal regulations. Flatback paper is heavier than standard masking tapes making it ideal for demanding carton sealing, and splicing applications. Most of these tapes can be custom printed. Grades are available from light duty 1.5 mil to greater than 3.0 mil for heavy duty applications. Our services provide you with custom printing and adhesive coating. We also offer a full line of tape dispensers.

Strapping Tape & Filament Tape

comparable to Velcro

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you strapping tape and filament tape for light duty and medium duty applications. Appropriate for light duty strapping, palletizing and bundling, we offer you MOPP strapping tape. For heavier applications, our super strength fiberglass reinforced filament tape is tear resistant and has tensile strength from about 100 lbs to greater than 300 lbs. It can be used for bundling tubes, metal pipes, securing pallets, sealing heavy cartons, repairs, and unitization.