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duct Tape, caution tape, reflective tape, electrical tape, masking tape, foam tape, splicing tape, double sided tape, Kapton tape, vinyl tape, paper tape, colored tape and much more…

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of Standard and Custom High Performance Pressure Sensitive Tapes, More than fifty Years of Tape Expertise, Serving a Multitude of Industries

SpecTape of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, focuses locally, but have/has successfully sold internationally as well. Offering hundreds of in-stock standard and specialty tape such as duct, caution, reflective, electrical, masking, foam, splicing, double sided , Kapton, vinyl, paper, colored and much more.
Of Tape Expertise
More Than 0 Years

SpecTape of Wisconsin provides you with more than fifty years of tape expertise to guarantee you find the right solution. Recognized in the industry as tape experts for industrial and commercial applications, we ensure you get the best product for your application, including the development of innovative custom products, by evaluating each unique application, to provide the desired result.

Serving a Multitude of Industries

Currently serving a multitude of industries, including but not limited to computers, electronics, printing, medical, military, nuclear, aerospace, construction, remodeling, painting, marine, automotive, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, exercise and recreational equipment, bicycles, toys, industrial and commercial machines, manufacturing line operations, packaging, and a variety of fabricating plant operations, we have the knowledge you need to ensure a successful application.

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