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Leading Suppliers of Standard and Custom Pressure Sensitive Tape

With clients all over the world, including Asia, Europe, South America and North America, SpecTape of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, focuses locally, but have/has successfully sold internationally as well. As experts in the tape industry for more than thirty-five years, offering hundreds of in-stock standard and specialty items such as duct, caution, reflective, electrical, masking, foam, double sided, Kapton, vinyl,  paper, colored tape and so much more, SpecTape of Wisconsin continues to help clients find the right solution, including the development of innovative custom products to meet the exacting requirements of the most challenging and demanding tape applications.

A Family Operation Serving a Multitude of Industries

Established in 1972 by Wayne Smith and his partner, SpecTape of Wisconsin remains a family operation, managed now by Wayne’s sons Alan, Larry and David. Recognized in the industry as tape experts for industrial, and commercial applications, we currently serve a multitude of industries, including but not limited to computers, electronics, medical, military, nuclear, aerospace, construction, remodeling, painting, marine, automotive, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, exercise and recreational equipment, bicycles, toys, industrial and commercial machines, manufacturing line operations, packaging, and a variety of fabricating plant operations. SpecTape of Wisconsin while focusing on tape, has an expansive line of other packaging and shipping supplies to meet our growing customer needs. We do our best to find what you need.

Included in this product offering are:

• Tags • Boxes • Bags
• Labels • Dispensers (Label and Tape) • Safety Cutters
• Stretch Film • Markers • Strapping
• VCI Paper and Film • Cable Ties • Lubricants
• Adhesive Degreasers • Glue Dots • Packing List Envelopes
• Bubble Envelopes and Wrap • Aerosols; Lubricants, Adhesives and Degreasers

Quality, Professionalism and Expertise

After more than thirty-five years, SpecTape of Wisconsin has built a reputation of quality, professionalism and expertise by consistently offering quality products, professional service and the willingness to spend time to find the appropriate solution for a particular customer application.

With more than 100 years of tape/packaging experience at our disposal, our local sales force have the necessary resources to provide you the service and products you need. SpecTape of Wisconsin makes it a point to meet personally with our customers and/or prospects to truly understands and meet your needs.

SpecTape of Wisconsin offers you:

  • Tape Experts with More than 35 years Experience
  • Single Source Supplier
  • Hundreds of In-Stock Standard & Specialty Items
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • With Adhesive: full coat, dry edge, zone coated. Without Adhesive
  • Light Duty, Heavy Duty, Engineering Grade, Nuclear Grade
  • DOT Approved Products
  • Milspec Products
  • AAMA Certified
  • Custom Converting - Die cutting, Spooling, Printing
  • Quality Control with Product Traceability
  • Computer-based Operations & Inventory Management
  • Blanket Orders
  • Willing to Stock Product
  • Fast Delivery of In-Stock Items
  • Rush Orders
  • Competitive Prices
  • Local, National, International Delivery
  • Professional Customer Service

Green Mission Statement

Green Mission StatementOur aim is to develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative, quality products that continue to meet our customers’ expectations. Our focus and success is based on a collaboration with our customers, employees, and suppliers to meet the ever changing demands put on us all.

One of the new directions this has taken us is to provide where feasible, green products. By this we mean providing adhesives, films and packaging manufactured using the most modern methods as possible. This includes recycled components, water based or solvent free adhesives. We understand the need to be as environmentally friendly as possible and will continue to promote usage and development of more sustainable, eco-friendly products.